TRANS MEN | May 2017


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TRANS MEN | May 2017

TRANS MEN by FTM Magazine is a digital history of the lives, loves, and loses of the average to extraordinary man. It is filled with stories we heard and thought "I bet people would love to read about this man's journey" and we invite you to see for yourself.

May has five stories... from two of our local boys here in Rochester, NY; one, who has been publicly speaking for half a decade, hitting 3-5 schools and conferences a week at times. The ripples of which are so vast that sometimes credit isn't given where it's due. To those on the ground floor in the trenches with their local advocacy.

The other, a journey of musts and have-tos as a gay couple gets unexpectedly pregnant and comes together in the most touching of ways.

Along with three pieces of insight into these guys specialties. 

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